Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Our little Christmas Princess.  First Christmas. 2 years ago. 

The Christmas season is here again and there are several things I want to do differently this year.  They're all related to enjoying this season, as I have somehow avoided that the last few years.  My thoughts follow. 

1.  I do not want to feel like breathing into a paper sack for 30 days.  The last couple of years I have felt like the Christmas season has sent me into a near asthmatic attack.  I don't have asthma, but I think I know what it feels like when I hear the silver bells ring.  As the Children's Director for our church, we have a few activities related to the holidays that are a little bit involved.  We have multiple family parties and church parties and friend parties and party parties that just leave me feel like shouting, "NO MORE FLIPPIN' PARTIES!"  It shouldn't be this way.  This year, I am going to work really hard to not feel this way.  I'm determined to take it easy and enjoy the Christmas season.  I am going to plan ahead, learn to say "no, thank you," and probably just take life less seriously this year.  I don't like the feeling of anxiety and so I'm not going to feel it.

2.  We will have Christmas lights this year.  The last few years, at the hands of holiday busy-ness, our house has not had Christmas decor outside.  This has made me sad.  Not this year.  We are going to put up lights this coming weekend and it's going to look great. In fact, I went to the feed store this morning and got tomato cages to make into little trees.  This is part of my holiday relaxation therapy; wrapping lights around tomato cages.  You should try it.  For the sake of our little kiddos, we will have lights.  And I guess for my sake too.

3.  I'm going to enjoy buying gifts.  Last year I got kind of stressed about gift buying and then in the end I kind of "over thought" the whole thing. We have exchanged names on both sides of our families now. Our limit for both sides is like $3.  That should be easy, right?  Gum, shoe laces, a bag of peanuts?  Actually the limit is $15, I think.  That is a good round number that won't break the bank, but should provide lots of shopping options.  

Ahhhh.  I feel relief coming over me.  I am going to enjoy this Christmas season. I really am.