Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Favorite Job.

I've had a lot of jobs.  I may not have reached 30 yet, but I've had several jobs and they've been in a variety of fields.  I'm not a job-hopper, I just have had a hard time committing.  There are just so many interesting things to do out there in the world.  I've done a little bit of radio, retail, teaching school, staffing consultation, and newspaper work.  For the last four years I've been a Children's Director and that is something of which I'm very proud.  I think the fact that I've been at it for more than my average one year stint must be a signal that I'm growing up.  There is one job that has been and continues to bring me more joy, more satisfaction and more life than any other.  Around that workplace they just call me 'momma.'  Today is my little Judah's 2nd birthday.  It's hard to believe my little round-headed Charlie Brown baby is already two.  He is the most precious, squishy little guy that you could ever meet.  Until he head butts you in the face or throws a screaming, kicking fit, you'd think he was absolutely perfect.  He is perfect for me.  His big sister will be 4 in December.  She continues to amaze us with her funny little self.  She's smart and silly, optimistic and very sweet.  Her red hair seems to grow more red and I just love it.  They are definitely children, childish children, but they are also delightful in every way and I can't thank God enough for them.  I haven't blogged in a very long time, so bear with me as I gush a little bit over my babies.  There's more to this story, I promise.  Today we went to the park and played at lunch.  There were 3 other moms there with their kids.  I don't hang out with a lot of young moms. I just don't know a lot of people, and everyone in life seems to be so very busy.  Even though I didn't know these moms there was a sort of kinship in what we were doing.  It felt like we all knew that what we were doing was the most important thing that we could have possibly been doing in that moment.  It was like we might as well have been flying through space or hosting a White House gala.  It may not have looked like much, but in my heart I knew that those moments with my little ones were spent in the best way possible.  Some may not think that being with your kids is all that important. All I know is that they're going to be here when I'm gone.  I have to take every moment to raise them up to know Jesus and to make an impact in this world.  They are the arrows that God has given me that one day will go much further than I ever hope to.  They will fly higher and pierce greater darkness.  They will be more sharp, more valuable in the hands of the greatest warrior to have ever stepped onto the face of the earth.  For now I can't imagine what jobs they will have.  Quinn says she wants to be a horse trainer, horse rider and a princess.  Judah would be content to hang out at the park all day.  One thing of which I am assured.  As much as it is up to me, Quinn and Judah will know that my favorite job of all time is being their momma. This is just the job I've always wanted.