Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How the time does fly.

Have you tried one of these college student hammocks?
They're pretty cool.
It's crazy to me that it's been so long since I've published a blog here. How does time go so quickly? I suppose it just slipped through my fingers while I was busy raising babies and doing business and life. That's ok. This little spot is still here and it makes it fun to come back and blog now that it has been so long. 

So here's the deal with me and technology. We have a love-hate relationship. I like the convenience of technology, but on my terms. For example, I like using Facebook for checking on people and seeing how folks are doing and that type thing. I don't like the feeling that I need to check it because it's a habit or impulse or something like that. I love all of the people, but I am ok with not knowing what they are doing every moment of the day. 

In January, I took a Facebook break... sort of. I still used it for business. And it was inevitable that when I logged in to use it for business that I saw some posts on my personal page. There were also a couple of long waits at the doctor's office where I scrolled through to see if anyone had done anything incredible while I'd been away. Through this time, what I did discover was this - I really enjoyed having extra brain space without social media. I feel like January was an ultra productive month without it! So...I've decided to continue this practice of 'less social media' living into February. I've wanted to blog here sometimes, so now I have a few minutes to do it! 

I hope you'll read when you have a second to do so. If not, no biggie. Only do it because you want to :) I like that freedom!