Friday, February 3, 2012


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For the last year we have had our DIRECTV on hold.  We've had other things that were more important to take care of financially, so the TV has been used only for occasional movies and such.  It has been nice having the television silenced for a year.  The extra noise of television sometimes makes me want to throw something, so I've enjoyed it being quiet.  A couple of weeks ago we decided to buy an antenna.  We would like to know what's happening in the world, outside of Internet news.  We bought a really cool antenna and now we pick up all the network stations, a lot of Spanish stations and a few Vietnamese.  And other than the initial cost of the antenna, it's FREE.  It is also very clear, a far cry from the antenna we had when I was a kid.  This was the kind that we turned on a pole, through the window at times.  That's a funny memory.  This is not the purpose of this blog, as I'm sure you're wondering what our new antenna has to do with the title of this blog.  Well, here goes.
     With the re-introduction of television into our home, I've been concerned that we would have it on all the time.  Because we have limited options and no "GUIDE" option on the remote, that hasn't been a problem so far.  However, while we are watching TV, there are so many commercials. I am finding them more funny than I used to.  I guess it's because I haven't watched TV in a long time. The other day I saw one for a coffee drink at McDonald's.  It was with little old men, wearing toupees and checking out a little old lady.  They got hedged out by a guy who looked like the guy from the Dos Equis commercials.  It was so cute. Chris and I watched it intently and then smiled when it was over.  You would think, based on this commercial, that fast food is warm and fuzzy and good for all.  If only that were true.  Have you seen the pink slime picture?  In case you haven't, that is the picture at the beginning of the blog.  Until last August, McDonald's used this stuff in their hamburgers.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Are you kidding me?  What are we eating when we eat fast food, really?  Does anyone know?  This has made me spend more time thinking about what we are eating around here.  What am I feeding my kids?  Did you also hear about the girl who collapsed and then admitted to having eaten only chicken nuggets her whole life?  Quinn loves chicken nuggets.  For a while, that was all we could get her to eat.  Lord have mercy.  I'm going grocery shopping today and I'm determined to find some food that will actually satisfy our nutritional needs.   The kids had an appointment with the doctor last week for check-ups.  When we talked about food, she suggested just gently inviting the babies to eat veggies and if they don't eat them, move on.  Yeah, right.  We can't go on with the rest of America, eating pink slime in our food and croaking over at 17 from a diet of only chicken nuggets.  We are laying down the law in the Swonke house and there's going to be a lot more veggie eating going on.  Well, I suppose we'll see about this.  I'm just so sicked out by the pink slime and so determined to do a better job about our eating.  Health is important.  Good health for my family is "just what I've always wanted." 

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