Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I always seem to get overwhelmed by the work of serving God.  What video will I use?  What song will we sing?  What activity can I do to be active enough to say that I'm active enough so that He will be pleased with my activity?  Then I remember.  I remember that it's just about Him.  He was a Jewish carpenter that really lived and really suffered and really died and really came back to life.  For me.  He lived here and bled here and died here and rose again and then ascended to heaven.  It's not just a story.  It was for real.  He calls me to love people because I'm loving them for Him.  It doesn't have to be hard work.  He just walked around healing people and loving them on his way through town.  He didn't have a catchy video or a really well written song.  He just loved.  He just loves me.  And I just love Him.  Jesus Christ.  He makes me want to be more like Him every day.  I watched some videos in my video searching tonight.  They are just songs put to videos about the life of Jesus, a curly haired Jewish man.  That Jewish Man was amazing.  I need Him.  I get into a really bad mode where I just need to sit down and watch a video with a pretend Jesus healing sad looking blind folks and trashy prostitutes to remind me that I still need Him.  My God, I need Him.  I hate that I go through some seasons where I feel like I can skate through with just a story book idea of him, rather than loving Him and needing Him so much I just want to cry my eyeballs out.  There's no substitute for knowing Jesus.  There's no activity that fills my soul. Maybe you need to be reminded too.

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