Monday, June 6, 2011

A blog inauguration.

This is my bloginog.  An inauguration of my blog.  My sweetheart has been suggesting that I start a blog for a while now, so here I go.  These are in no particular order.  I'm a MOM.  It deserves to be capitalized, I think.  I'm a Christian.  I'm a wife.  I'm a daughter.  I'm a Children's Director.  I used to want to be a writer.  I'm not as sure now.  Life seems to have other ideas.  That's okay with me, by the way.  I love life.  I named this blog "Just What I've Always Wanted" because I used to have a lot of ideas about what I wanted.  Now, I am not so sure what I want.  I am happy with where I am.  God is incredibly good and faithful. I adore my family.  I enjoy my job.  I find fulfillment in different things.  But, I'm just a little discontent.  I don't know what it is that I'm looking for.  But, I'm thinking it could be tied to writing.  And so, I write.  I'll be writing about God, food, family, friends and life in general.  You will eternally hear about my beautiful, amazing, brilliant, children.  You will also hear, more than you can stand, about my sweet, scruffy, creative, yummy, husband.  Those are more adjectives than I've used in a long time. I think that's a good place to stop for now.  Welcome.  The fact that you're taking time to read what I'm writing is "just what I've always wanted."


  1. Ok... a trial run comment. Congratulations on your new venture. Your voice is made to be heard!

  2. Amazing how the Lord takes what "we Want" and turns it in to what "He wants". I to also had different plans and I see every day that HE takes those talents and turns them into HIS perfect will which sometimes happens to be way at the other end of the spectrum from what "I THOUGHT" God is SOOOO good and SOOOO faithful!!
    God Bless!