Monday, June 13, 2011

My day with Dad.

In preparation for Father's Day, I heard a guy on the radio talking about what it means to be a real man.  He said that a real man is a father and a husband at heart.  He said that a real man is burdened with caring for others, making sure others are taken care of.  As he spoke, my thoughts drifted to my Dad.  If that truly is the measure of masculinity, he has it nailed.  He is the real deal.  I spent the day with my Dad, Mom and Grandma today.  Some of that time was spent just hearing what God has been speaking to my Dad.  Everything that he said was about his desire to help others.  He wants to give more, to share more, to be able to make a greater difference in this world.  He had a stroke 8 weeks ago.  He could be sitting around thinking about how tough things have been.  He's not.  He's thinking about ways to make a difference in the lives of others.  He's thinking of ministries that he can give to.  He's dreaming about pouring his life into the lives of other people and looking out for the needs of others.  What a man.  He's the best.  I remember, when I was little, loading up in the truck with my Dad and heading out to the lake.  We would find a neat place to drop in the boat and then we would head out.  I can remember the smell of old life jackets and exhaust.  We would go so fast as we set out for a great spot to cast.  Once we got settled, I would inevitably get my line hung up in the bushes.  After some work, Dad always was able to get it unstuck.  On the way home we would stop in at a gas station and pick up some boudain or crawfish pie. I'm not sure why, except that we were hungry and Dad liked them.  I liked them too.  These were the best days and exemplify only a few of thousands of fabulous days that I've had with my Dad.   Today was one of my favorite too.  Today reminded me that when it comes to dads, mine is "just what I've always wanted."


  1. Totally amazing!! I also had the chance to spend time with him this week and last and He is full of more love and excitement than most people will ever know in an entire life time!! I praise God EVERY day for the influence he has had in MY life. He is also "MY DAD" Thank you Jesus for Bro. DON!!!

  2. He truly has the Father's heart and has given his life to others. I love him too. He has been all I ever wanted in a brother!