Sunday, December 18, 2011

Making Memories.

This pic has little to do with this post, except that it was taken during this season.  They're just so dang cute.

So far, with the help of the Lord and my sweet husband, I've made it through the majority of the Christmas season without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.  This has been a VERY memorable Christmastime so far and I just love that.  The Christmas parade in our little community was super sweet this year.  The little kids made adorable green peas.  Quinn was able to participate and rode along in the truck cab with some precious friends and her little buddy, Maggie.  They had fun giggling and listening to Veggie Tales sing "Feliz Navidad."  I did get a little stressed out preparing the float decorations, but I recovered and really enjoyed the day of the parade.  In the end our float won an award, which was a fun little add-on to an already great day.  Chris and I had a night out Christmas shopping and my mom-in-law kept the babies OVERNIGHT.  This is the first night we've had without babies in the house, I think since Quinn was born nearly 3 years ago.  It was very quiet and I slept well.  At least until I woke up thinking I needed to get up and check on Judah.  I realized that he was safe with Lonita and went back to sleep. Ahhhhhh.  One night a couple of weeks ago, Chris, Quinn, Judah and I went through a drive-thru Bethlehem.  I wanted to cry as my babies rode along and watched the story of the life of Jesus.  I explained the story and tried to answer questions as Quinn wanted to know, "Why did John the Baptist baptize Jesus?"  She was very interested in John the Baptist; he had a wild black beard and big, bushy black hair.  She later told my Mom that he "looked like my Daddy."  Today we went to the local nursing home to sing for the residents with the little guys from church and some of the adults from the senior's ministry.  It was great.  I was so blessed by the entire visit.  Watching the kids bring joy to these folks who were sitting alone quietly when we arrived was amazing.  Quinn just talked and smiled when the little elderly ladies oohed and ahhed over her.  She introduced them to "Red Nose the Reindeer" on her dress.  Watching my little girl, my sister's children and the sweet kiddos that I have the pleasure of teaching in kid's church minister to these people just warmed my heart.  I believe that God's heart was warmed too.  More thoughts about loving the elderly to come later- until then, IT'S SO IMPORTANT.  This week I'll prepare to be out of the office next week and to be with family all weekend for Christmas.  I was challenged early this December to commit this Christmas to Jesus, stress less and invest in creating "Jesus-centered" memories with our family.  I am so grateful; this season has been incredible.  It really has been "just what I've always wanted."  And Christmas isn't even here yet!

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