Monday, September 26, 2011


There's something that always seems to make me cry.  I'm not typically a very outwardly emotional person, except for a few things that just always seem to bring on the tears.  Anything related to my parents can make me cry without a doubt.  I guess the daughter part of me is just hard wired with the crying part of me.  The other thing that always gets to me is the thought of God's love being equal for everyone.  Yesterday morning at church I was singing and just letting the words of the song echo in my head, "I know your love for me is good....completely."  While I was singing I looked up and saw the back of someone's head that looked just like that of an old friend of ours.  We haven't seen this friend in years and I know that he is now in prison.  He made some mistakes and got down a bad road and that's where his choices took him.  For a split second I thought that he was in church.  In that same second I realized that it wasn't him.  It did make me think of him and how God's love for him is good..completely.  I then saw the back of another head far up front that I recognized.  This guy is a pastor who has just retired from his church after many years of faithful service.  He's a precious, awesome guy who has just done everything in his power to love God and serve him.  There's no question that God's love for him is good....completely.  By this point I was crying and thinking about how God's love for both our friend in prison and the sweet pastor is EXACTLY the same.  His love is a rushing river that shouts, "Come on! I want YOU! Jump in!"  He loves us.  He really, really loves us.  I don't think I will ever loose my gratitude and amazement about this love.  It is complete and rich.  It doesn't search out the best to love.  It is available for every single one.  This love is "just what I've always wanted." I know his love for me is good.  Completely.

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