Monday, September 12, 2011

To Tennessee and back.

We've been planning since last December for our week trip to Tennessee.  We planned and saved and saved and saved and then we went.  And it was great.  Sweet Chris drove through torrential rain from Tropical Storm Lee nearly all the way to Tennessee.  All 19 hours of it. Yes, 19 hours.  The rain slowed us down a little.  My sweet Mom-In-Law, Lonita, went along too.  The babies did great!  We ate yummy food, mostly from The Old Mill Restaraunt.  That place is great; if you ever go to Pigeon Forge skip all the rest and go straight there.  They have a super lunch for $10 that includes corn chowder and fritters.  YUM!  We hiked a mile up a mountain while pushing a double stroller.  Mostly Chris and Lonita pushed.  I think they think I'm weak.  That's okay with me.  We also visited Cade's Cove.  This made me long for more simple times.  Can't I live in a little mountain community and just cook and tend the young'ns?  Well, maybe for a week anyway.  More to come later on my longing for simplicity.  We did a lot of other fun things, like hot tub sitting, candle and wood thingy looking, and Wonder Works visiting.  Oh yeah, we also had bears come and sit on our porch two nights in a row.  That was pretty amazing.  Next time we will put out some tuna so they'll stay long enough for a picture.  The best part of the whole trip was just being able to look at my kids.  Life can be so busy.  Between work, trying to maintain our home, helping Chris run a small business and just running around like crazy people, I feel like I miss some things about our kids.  Last week I was able to just enjoy holding my babies and looking at their faces.  It was really, really good.  It challenged me to slow down and stop running.  I still have a lot to do, but surely I can settle down a little and enjoy.  Also, at the beginning of the week I determined that I was not going to have the normal stress breakout that Chris and I sometimes have when we spend days together.  You know, it's like when you spent too much time at a friend's house when you were a kid and you started to get hostile toward your friend.  Well, usually that is me, the one getting hostile.  It usually takes about two days for us to break-in to being together 24-7.  Not this time.  God really helped me to chill out and appreciate the time.  And I did.  I suppose this was the Tennessee vacation that was "just what I've always wanted."  All but the part where we couldn't get a picture of our porch guests.  Next time- tuna.

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