Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Most Amazing Woman Alive.

I've been thinking about my Momma a lot this week.  See, I like to cook Southern food. I like to make chicken nuggets, the real kind, not out of a box, and sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar. I like hamburger steaks and white gravy on my real potatoes.  Now I do like to eat fancy food and if you want to cook me up some, go right ahead.  Southern food seems to be "just what I always want."  As long as I'm the one cooking you might think you're eating with Paula Dean, y'all.  I've been digging Southern Plate for a while now.  Christy Jordan seems to be a really nice gal and her food takes me back to days around the table at home.  Back to my Mom.  All this Southern food thinking makes me think of my Mom.  She's a really good cook.  When we were growing up she cooked every night.  She wouldn't just buy a bag of chicken breasts that were all ready to cut up, bread and fry up.  She would buy a package of chicken with the ribs, de-rib it and THEN bread it and fry it up.  She is a real woman.  I was thinking, "how did she learn to cook that way?"  My Grandma Paulsel is a great cook too, but she's from Ohio. I don't think they fry in Ohio.  The deal is she learned to cook for our family because we had to eat.  She cooked good, hearty meals that fed us all so that we could be happy and healthy.  And we were.  And we are.  She's just amazing that way.  You know what else?  She is also the most lady-like woman you'll probably meet.  She's beautiful and gracious and loving.  She has taken care of my Dad through the last year of a stroke and heart attack like a personal 24 hour-a-day nurse.  She reared me and my sisters, teaching us how to be good wives and moms.  I'm still working on being completely good at being a wife and a mom.  I still need Jesus to help me get over me.  But, she did teach us.  She taught us well.  She homeschooled some of us at different times when we needed more attention and to be in a clean environment.  She potty trained us as babies.  This is a very big job, you guys.  I never knew.  She is super-mom.  I talk to her pretty much every day on the phone and I love that. She's my best friend besides Chris.  She is everything that I want to be as a woman, a wife, a mom, and a person.  I love her and I think that she is the most amazing woman alive.  


  1. Lauren that is so true i was always sitting beside you at the dinner table.If you liked it or not haha!Grandma is a wonderful cook.She has always been a true blessing in my life and to so many others.Thank you again for showing people a lil of how amazing grandma really is love always,PUFFIN

  2. You are sooo right Lauren! I just got off the phone with the amazing person you call your mom & I am honored to have adopted myself into HER family! She is not just all the above things she is also an amazing ENCOURAGER, She's not afraid to speak up when needed & if the need arises she ALWAYS Pulls her weight! (and that of others) She has a CAN DO attitude & when the going gets tough she just digs in & keeps going. I've watched her over the years have ABOUNDING GRACE for people that would drive others nuts after 5 minutes. I know her life has by no means always been Great, but she has done GREAT things. She truly is an example of Christ molding someone into his IDEAL disciple! I LOVE YOU CHERYL COOK!