Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Birthday Bride

 I (chris) have hijacked Laurens blog. But I figure it's ok since it's her birthday and I'm writing about her. Where do you start when talking about someone so amazing? I guess right there, with the fact that she is, so amazing! She can do it all. Run a house, raise two kids (or three if you count me), have a job, run a small business (maybe two), and PUT UP WITH ME! And even above all of those, she loves Jesus so much more than she loves me or our kids, and that is what I love about her most. Lauren is my best friend, my most trusted companion, and my biggest fan. She brings out parts of me that I never really knew I had. She challenges me to love deeper, to smile more often, and to be free in life like never before.
 The great thing about that is, I'm not alone, Lauren has an impact on everyone she meets. I have met few people like her. It's not possible to spend time with Lauren and not feel better about yourself. I think that is something she gets from my amazing mother-in-law. She also has a deep and profound knowledge of Jesus and His word. She blows me away with this very often. That I believe comes from my equally amazing father-in-law. For those of you who know them, you will know how true these statements are.
 I am eternally grateful that God brought them together, and as a result I have been blessed with the most amazing wife (and three pretty awesome sister-in-laws) I could ever dream of! I know that the things Lauren saw from her parents growing up, both good and bad, are a huge part of why she is who she is today. She is a very good combination of sweet-as-can-be hard headedness. And I love every bit of it!
 I could easily write into the morning hours about her and how I feel towards her, but since she is just in the other room and really wants to come back into the living room, I suppose I shall end this soon. I love you Ren, and I always will! Like I told you today, I am so thankful that you have a birthday, because otherwise I would not have you. Happy Birthday to the LOML and my Fairy Tale Princess!

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