Monday, October 31, 2011

Our first Halloween in our house. Literally.

(THIS IS NOT OUR HOUSE, thankfully.)

Here is my story of the first Halloween spent in our house.  We have lived in our house for three years now, but this is our first to actually be home on Halloween night.  The last two years we have been a part of facilitating a Fall Fest for the kiddos at church.  This year we did the fest a night early, thus leaving us the night of Halloween free to be as festive as we'd like.  So, here's how it went.  We live in an un-gated  neighborhood.  There are a million children that crowd the streets of our neighborhood to trick or treat on Halloween night.  The last two years I've only seen them on my way out of the neighborhood and their remnants (candy wrappers and other things) in the streets the next day.  I am a Children's Director.  I love kids.  I spent the last several weeks preparing for a fall festival with an awesome team of folks.  It went great! You would think I would have been dressed up like a fairy, sitting out at the end of my driveway passing out candy to all the kiddies walking by.  What really happened was this: while it was still light I didn't answer the door to the two knocks that we received.  The only candy that I have is the good little Hershey's candy bars and the candy Quinn got at the festival. I didn't feel right about giving out either.  The Hershey's are too yummy and I bought them for Chris and the other candy is Quinn's.  Why, you may ask, did I not BUY candy for the hordes of hungry children?  Money, folks.  Candy costs money.  Candy doesn't grow on trees.  You see, it's the end of the month.  God takes care of all of our needs; He is our provider in every way.  We are well taken care of and content.  While saying that, at the end of the month we have several large outflows, ie. house note and other necessary things.  So, the money to fork over for candy for everyone in our small town is needed for food and gas and diapers.  NOT CANDY FOR THE WORLD.  I'm laughing at this because it sounds really sad.  It's really not that sad, except that I hope none of the children that we pick up in our neighborhood for church were the ones that knocked and I didn't answer.  I just couldn't bear to see their disappointed faces.  By the way, after those two kids knocked with no reply, Chris put out a sign that read, "SORRY, NO CANDY."  I did put a smiley face on the sign.  Chris wasn't sure if the smiley face was a good idea.  If our cars are egged in the morning or our rose bushes are adorned with toilet paper, I'll blame that little smiley face.  I'm sorry, kids.  I really am.  I do believe one day you'll understand.  Food, diapers and ELECTRICITY are "just what I've always wanted."  In my spookiest voice and a creepy laugh, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and sorry about the no-candy thing."

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