Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quinn Girl.

The last couple of weeks I just haven't had any writing in me.  I've been busy with home and work and that has taken all of the creativity that I have had to give.  However, today I am going to go ahead and break the block and write about my little girl.  We chose the name Quinn because it means queen, intelligent and wise.  We picked the right name.  She is the cutest little girl you could ever imagine.  She has a precious little voice and dainty little ways.  She has a great imagination and I'm watching it become even more alive.  She says funny things all the time.  My sister says she should have her own TV show.  I know that I would watch.  Chris was telling her something silly the other night and her response was, "That's ridiculous."  It sounded more like "ridicalis."  The other day we were playing and she wanted me to drive some animals from one place to another and so I loaded them up in the back of the little pickup and drove them to what I said was their house.  I unloaded them.  Quinn said, "No, mommy. That's a terrible place."  She is not quite three yet.  She is very smart.  She was reading the instruction manual to the alarm clock today and said, "It says to plug it in, push some buttons and it will work."  She is red-headed, but doesn't fit with any of the red-headed stereotypes.  She is sweet and gentle.  That is, unless you push her buttons.  She doesn't mind standing up for herself or someone else or whatever is right.  She is just a precious little ray of sunshine and I thank God for her every second of the day.  There's no one like her and I'm so glad.  She's "just what I've always wanted."

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