Friday, January 27, 2012

We need a cat.

I just realized that we are the only unit in our extended families that does not have a pet.  My sisters have Chuchi, a wild little fluffy dog, a Boston Terrier with an unknown name, Puddles the lab, Ashes, the lab, and a cat to be described later.  My parents have Bandita, a nice dog that was a stray who found a home.  My in laws have Lucy, a friendly farm dog.  Chris's brother has Fritz and Liberty.  His sister has a little lap dog.  Other than Chris's Mom, who lives in an apartment, we're the only ones who do not own a pet.  That's okay with me.  We aren't really "animal people."  However, I would like to have one good cat.  Growing up, I pretty much had a cat at all times.  We had a cat named Henrietta when I was very little.  I remember one named Gerri Cat.  This one was an especially good cat.  My favorite cats are orange.  This cat was orange, friendly and a very good listener.  At this same house, we had Elmo and Baby Cat.  They both met a sad end, as we lived near a main highway. But they were sweet friends while they were around.  My Grandparents always had a cat too.  One cat had kittens in the attic; it's baby fell down into the wall and my Grandpa had to cut a hole in the wall behind a kitchen cabinet to get it out.  His name was Waldo.   Last weekend, I stayed at my sister's house, while Chris was out of town.  They have a really nice cat.  The cat's name is Mittens and it has neat coloring.  It's sort of orange, black and white, striped and spotted.  It likes to sneak in the house when you open the door.  I know a lot of people don't like cats.  They say they're unfriendly and snobbish.  Quinn is sitting here, as I type and read aloud. When I said they're "unfriendly and snobbish," she said, "but not all cats."  That's right, Quinn.  Not all cats are unfriendly and snobbish.  The truth is, I don't really want a pet that needs me desperately.  I'm not a big fan of dogs.  I don't want to be licked, jumped on or barked at, really.  I also don't want to be smelled.  These are things that I particularly don't care for about dogs.  Cats don't do these things.  They just meow, prowl around, sleep a lot, and sometimes rub against your leg if they want to be petted.  They are not obnoxious, most times.  We don't really live in a great place for pets, unless they live inside.  Not being a pet person, I'm even more not an inside pet person.  So, we carry on without a pet.  Someday, we'll have a cat though.  This is a defense of cats.  I'm laughing now, because it's ridiculous to write something in defense of cats.  I guess someone should defend them.  The purpose of this blog is to help me determine things that I do want in life and things that I don't.  I just know that a cat is a pet that is "just what I've always wanted".

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  1. You can have Mittens!

    Just kids and wife would freak!

    Great blog....